TR5 & TR250

All the parts on this list have been manufactured to a high and accurate standard and are used in the assembling of our new reinforced chassis which have been proven and tested. If there are any parts which are not listed, or if you require a specific section etc, please contact Colin Matthews to discuss.

We will also restore and straighten all or part of your existing chassis to whatever specification you require. We have been successfully providing this service for some years. Further details of our new and restored chassis work along with optional finishes are available.

Please note all chassis are made from 16swg zintec mild steel. All TR4A/5/6 chassis have diff and front suspension and strengthening modifications, as standard chassis are weak in design.

CTM Part no.
OE Part no.

Price (inc. VAT)
CTM105/6 402547 / PKC21 New
chassis complete A or J Reinforced Ex Turrets
CTM1201   Sill to floor bracket front
CTM1202 139580 Front
lower suspension chassis bracket
CTM1203A   Front
lower suspension strengthening kit (LH)
CTM1203B   Front
lower suspension strengthening kit (RH)
CTM1204   Inner sill to chassis front bracket weld chassis
CTM1205A   Sill to floor bracket L/H/R
CTM1205B   Sill to floor bracket R/H/R
CTM1206   Trailing arm outrigger
CTM1207 750022 Mounting bracket body to boot floor
CTM1208 147400/147671 Diff stud front & rear
CTM1208A   Diff stud & bracket, spring bridge
CTM1208B   Diff stud & bracket, rear bridge
CTM1209 147898 Inner sill bracket on chassis weld R/H/R
CTM1209A 147897 Inner sill bracket on chassis weld L/H/R
CTM1210   USE CTM 1239
CTM1211 147947 Rear lever arm mounting bracket weld
CTM1212 621101 Seat belt bracket weld in sill L/H
CTM1212A   Seat belt bracket weld in sill R/H
CTM1213   Chassis strength kit front & rear complete
CTM1214 713569FG Gearbox tunnel F/G (they fit)
CTM1215 809046FG Handbrake tunnel F/G
CTM1216   Cross tube rear 1 1/4″
CTM1217 214107T Spring pan bridge top inc pins
CTM1218 214107 Spring pan bridge complete inc pins uprights
CTM1219 214031 Lever arm bridge rear complete
CTM1221   Breast plate bottom
CTM1222   Breast plate top
CTM1223   Turret support section
CTM1224   Complete rear end both bridges, rails, outriggers, crosstube, breast plates
CTM1225 950008 Body to diff bridge bracket weld
CTM1226 148002 Bumper iron mounting rear tube
CTM1227   Boot lid stay bracket inner wing
CTM1228 218275 J’ Type crossmember
CTM1229 160118 J’ Type adapter
CTM1230   J’
type chassis brackets pair weld
CTM1231   Door side impact bars (as USA)
CTM1232   Steering rack solid mounting alloy
CTM1233   Telescopic damper brackets 3x bolt fixing
CTM1233A   Tele damper brackets 3x bolt fixing painted
CTM1234   Koni adjustable rear damper conversion
CTM1234   Koni adjustable front
CTM1235 211361 A’ Type crossmember
CTM1236   Diff bridge x2 strength kit complete
CTM1237 210531 Front outer chassis rail
CTM1238   Rear chassis rails
CTM1239 211589 Rear chassis rail L/H
CTM1239A 211590 Rear chassis rail R/H
CTM1240 139224 A’ Type gearbox mount R/H weld
CTM1241 139223 A’ Type gearbox mount L/H weld
CTM1242 158417SS Stainless steel bottom water pipe & boss
CTM1242A 158417 Stainless steel bottom water pipe
CTM1243   Triple carb SU manifold-linkage
CTM1244 152185 Throttle spindle CP including ends
CTM1245S   Throttle spindle short CR re-use ends
CTM1245L   Throttle spindle long CR re-use ends
CTM1246   Bosch fuel injection pump kit complete
CTM1247   Unleaded cylinder head exchange
CTM1248 L-R   Rear rail repair section 19″ long
CTM1249 705219 Steering column bracket to baulkhead R/H/D
CTM1250   Spring bridge bracket weld on bridge
CTM1252   Ventilated disc conversion
CTM1255 312061 Diff replace seals only
CTM1256 312601 Diff replace bearing seals only
CTM1257 312061 Diff full recon cw&p bearings 3.45:1 & 3.7:1 Exchange
CTM1259   Alloy rocker cover
CTM1260 312361 Fuel tank stainless steel
CTM1246A 214347B Bosch fuel injection pump
CTM1361 GXE8211 Alternator 36amp Exchange
CTM1262   Fibre glass wheel arch liners