The TR Chassis Specialists

Dedicated to the Marque – Triumph TR2-3-4-5-250-6

CTM Engineering based in Hampshire is owned and run by Colin Matthews, an experienced, dedicated enthusiast for the Triumph TR marque, specialising in the manufacture and restoration of new and original Triumph Chassis for TR2, 3, 3a, 4, 4a, 5 and 6.

Right from its early days, the Company saw the requirement for accurate tooling and alignment. This desire to produce work only of the highest standard saw the development of a comprehensive ‘Jig’ facility where all of our Triumph TR chassis repairs and rebuilds are carried out thus ensuring consistency and accuracy of alignment.

The Company offers varying degrees of chassis repairs, restoration and modification to suit individual requirements from straightening/repairs only to full preparation including Hot Zinc Spraying, Painting and ‘Wax-oiling’ etc.

Please see ‘The Cars’ pages for more detailed information on the range of chassis repairs and reconditioning works carried out.

There are dedicated pages for each of the Triumph TR models from the TR2 to the TR6.

CTM Engineering, Triumph TR specialists for chassis repairs and rebuilds